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Bank Guarantees

Work in all regions of Russia!

If You have any need to issue a Bank guarantee to ensure Your contract, we professionally and in the fastest possible time will issue You with a Bank guarantee from banks, according to the new requirements of the Federal Law No. 44-FZ (banks partners included in the list of the Ministry of Finance is entitled to issue Bank guarantees) without collateral or security.

If You still have one day to provide a Bank guarantee to Your state (municipal) customer, please call us or leave your request and we will tell You how to solve this situation without breaking the law.

The Bank guarantee without collateral and without collateral is issued in accordance with the requirements of Federal law No. 44-FZ 223.

  • * Work without fees (no extra fees), You only pay the Bank;
  • * Low rates (1% per annum or 15 000 rubles);
  • * Delivery of originals at our expense;
  • * The maximum amount of Bank guarantee – up to 5 billion rubles;

Making a Bank guarantee for a minimum package of documents

  • * As soon as possible (1-2 working days if re-treatment);
  • * Full guarantee of observance of requirements of the civil code, instructions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, 44-FZ and 223-FZ;
  • * Without the headaches and without the risk of being included in the list of unfair suppliers.

Have the ability to organize monetization of financial instruments:

  • * Bank Guarantee(Bank Guarantee)-BG;
  • * Certificate of Deposit(Certificate of Deposit)-CD;
  • * SBLC(Standby Letter of Credit SBLC;
  • * Medium-term Debt obligation(Medium Term Note)-MTN, etc.